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    Move a Seam application to OSGI world

    _danilo_ Newbie

      Hi guys,


      i' m pretty new to OSGI world, i think it' s really interesting and i' d like to try it out;

      i was wondering if is it possible to move my application such that it will be compatible with OSGI.


      I have an application developed using Seam 2.3 (so main, hot and test packages, basically), deployed on JBoss 7.1.1,

      and i would like to start using OSGI bundles and services and deploy everything on jboss.


      Now, sincerely, i really don' t know where i should start from, since i haven' t found anything on OSGI related to Seam Framework..


      I was thinking that theoretically i should split my packages and spread each funcionality in different bundles/services, keeping implementations and interfaces separated, like OSGI documentation suggests.


      Moreover, i should manage my view (xhtml pages) using equinox servlet bridge (http://www.eclipse.org/equinox/server/http_in_container.php) (indeed i' m using Eclipse for developing), or something like that (it should, i think, be similar to jsp support http://www.eclipse.org/equinox/server/jsp_support.php).


      But a lot of projects i found are out-of-date and no more followed and it' s pretty impossible to find working samples and documentation concering these arguments;


      so, what i' m asking to you, is :

      is there someone out there that have tried something similar to this, has any experience, or maybe that just have some good hint for me? 


      I would really appreciate any help on this