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    Richfaces 4 fileuploader and Gatein GenericFacesPortlet do not work

    mohinder suresh Newbie



      I wrote a GenericFacesPortlet (on GateIn 3.5) and richfaces 4 based portlet and i use the <rich:fileupload /> controle  like the following :


      <rich:fileUpload fileUploadListener="#{jcrBean.listener}" id="upload" acceptedTypes="pdf"

      ontyperejected="alert('Only PDF files are accepted');"  maxFilesQuantity="5">

      <a4j:ajax event="uploadcomplete" execute="@none" render="info" />



      when trying to upload the progress bar don't show nothing (white rectangle) and the script repeatedly execute :

      GET http://localhost:8080/jsf-jcr-rf-portlet-samples/faces/rfRes/fileUploadProgress?ln=org.richfaces&rf_fu_uid_alt=0.7955095635776023 (with 0 digit as content)


      Can anyone, please, tell me if that is a known issue ?