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    Warp Roadmap Update - aka "Beta1 and next"


      Hello everyone,


      I have prepared a roadmap for 1.0.0.Beta1 as a set of sprints: https://issues.jboss.org/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=181&view=planning


      The Beta1 release should focus on polishing what is currently Warp core:


      • documentation
        • guide
        • showcase samples
        • ftest documentation
      • interopetability issues
        • Jacoco
        • Servlets 2.5
        • huge request/response payloads
      • some outstanding issues
        • reusing manager during whole test
      • improving usability and debuggability


      Namely, this release won't add any new features,

      because after releasing Beta1, we should be ready for releasing Warp CRs/Final.


      So where should go all the new features?


      There are plenty of new feature requests (opening new possibilities) - they will be addressed in upcoming minor releases - 1.1, 1.2, ...

      but the prototyping work can start right now and in some cases it already started (e.g. SeamTest migration).


      I'm also looking forward for upcoming integrations and their improvements:


      • REST (led by Jakub Narloch)
      • Portlets (led by Ken Finnigan)
      • Spring MVC (led by Jakub Narloch)
      • ...


      How can you help?


      This release gives a lot of opportunity to variety of contributors:


      • natural writers
        • we will create a high-level outline what the documentation should contain
        • so anyone can pick and author the guide
      • creative graphic authors
        • the Warp would deserve own logo
        • and presentation graphics
      • early adopters
        • Warp is Alpha2 now, but it is stable...
          • thanks to its test suite
          • and high-level API is locked!
        • still we need to know where is a place for improvement
      • code crunchers


      and as always:


      • X-framework fans
        • when you miss hooks for framework X, come to us and make the future for X's testing happen