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    Reading a file from WEB-INF/classes; VFS?

    cbw Newbie


      I am trying to read the contents of a file from a folder in my eclipse maven project (src/main/resources). The file gets built into WEB-INF/classes in the war and deployed to my JBoss AS7 instance.

      I have been trying to access the file from the classpath. getClass().getResource() or getResourceAsStream() however it returns a location that does not exist, C:\windows\system32\content...WEB-INF/classes. As you might expect my file does not exist at this location. I have been reading about snowdrop and have added;





      ...to my servlet declaration in web.xml in an atempt to get vfs working.

      I have then tried using VirtualFile vf = VFS.getChild(filename) to obtain the file with no luck. The file is not found.

      Is there an easy way to read a file from within the application when using Spring on JBoss???

      Any help would be appreciated,