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    Performance Issue with rich: scrollable datatable, grid hides when scrolling up/down, rows=50

    prathap_dudvat Newbie

      Hi All,


      We have used Richfaces3.3.3 and JSF 1.2 for our project.

      To display the data in the UI, we have used a datacomponent rich:scrollabledatatable.

      Initially we have decided to display a row limit of 250 records in the UI.

      We have applied 250 rowlimit at DB query side and 250 rows attribute at UI Scrollable table

      Every thing worked fine.


      Our client request to us change the row limit to 2000 records.

      We have applied the changes, then there a huge problem.

      The page had taken lot of time to load while searching the result.(More than 1 min).


      We applied rows=50 to scrollable table, to ensure the lazyloading and this time it response time decreased up to 20-30 secs

      Now Comes a major problem.


      Every time user scroll up/down the  vertical scroll bar in the scrollable table results.

      The GRID(SCROLLABLE TABLE BLANKS OUT) as it sends the request to server to get next 50 records from session.


      we have tried other attributes to minimize this:





      Nothing works,  the grid still blanks out while scrolling.


      ALSO we cannot OPT pagination technique, as client doesnt like to click on page numbers.

      he wants to work on with scrolls bars.