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    StaticWireTap and invmScope

    soltar Newbie

      Hi guys,


      First post. I am trying to invoke a service using a StaticWireTap and I have noticed that the wiretap only happens if the calling service's scope is invmScope=Global set. If I remove the 'invmScope=Global' the wiretapped Service does not get called.


      Reading the documentation there is no indication that a WireTap service has to be called from a in-vm service. Can anyone shed some light on this?



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          Magesh Bojan Master

          Could you attach your esb configuration highlighting that section? When you say it does not work, have you setup some debug to see what is happening? Could you attach the server log for identifying the issue furtehr. You can have a look at the security_jbpm quickstart, where it is used without the 'invmScope=Global'.

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            soltar Newbie

            Hi Magesh,


            Pardon me for not replying back earlier.  I think we have identified what was causing the StaticWireTap'ped service to be not invoked.


            We had this staticWireTap action in the action pipeline where the first action was ensuring a Asynchronous delivery. Basically this Asynchronous delivery action had processException method, which upon exception rolls back the transaction. It seemed like, in case of unhappy path (that somewhere in the action pipeline there was an exception), the Static wire tap'ped service was not called - yes, I tested by having break points. It was probably queued to be called but was not called, possibly due to an exception in one of actions in the parent service. The wiretapped service was being called in case of happy path, without any issue.


            We are probably going to remedy this by having another top level service whose job is to basically wiretap twice, once in to the parent service and have another wiretap to the service which needed to be wiretapped in first place.




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              Magesh Bojan Master

              Hi Soltar, Glad you got it resolved!