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    Aerogear Controller Upload Multipart Form (a file)


      I'm attempting to upload a image through a form using the aerogear controller. The following is what I've done (and been successful at):


      1. I created a new MediaType


      {code}public static final MediaType MULTI_PART_FORM = new MediaType("multipart/form-data", JspViewResponder.class);{code}


      2. I then created a custom consumer in which I implemented the <T> T unmarshall(HttpServletRequest request, Class<T> type) method to use Apache's ServletFileUpload class. It returns a List of FileItems.


      3. From there, I parsed through the fields to map it to a bean (a part of my data model).


      4. My jsp uses a simple form tag with an encoding type of 'multipart/form-data' with an input of type 'file'.


      I feel like there should be an easier way to do this...does anyone have a better solution?