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    CMP Closer to the DB

    Sebastien Petrucci Newbie

      Hi all,

      First of all, thx to you all for this great JBoss ! I'm using it now for 6 months, and I really enjoy its nice capabilities.

      I'm not a JBoss expert but I just would like to start a discussion about how CMP maps to databases. The actual system works good and is quite flexible.
      However, in order to remain generic, it cannot really use all the features implemented by decent databases like : multi-inserts, multi-updates, in-memory tables, proprietary fonctions, stored procedures, ...
      The new support for unknown-pk in JBoss 3.2 seems at least to solve the problem of DB generated pk. That's a great step.

      But why not go deeper ?

      Why not provide an interface in the CMP engine so that one could write a DB-specific implementation that may make use of all these nice (but proprietary) extensions ?

      For the cost of extra development and maintenance, we may just come up with EJB's running almost as fast as pure JDBC ...
      Furthermore, we would not be limited to JDBC anymore ... we could write implementations using JDO, Castor, XML databases, web services, ...

      What do you guys think about it ?