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    Registration process is too long

    Pedro Lamarão Newbie

      The registration process in community.jboss.org is incredibly long.

      The verification email invites you to fill in a "short form" which is not short at all.

      Despite being a form of normal length -- which means too long -- completing this form does not take you to any useful place.

      No, it takes you to another registration form with an enormous amount of fields.

      If the user gives up and just forces a location change to community.jboss.org in the user-agent, hoping to jump useless steps because the registration process was complete, he will be sent back to this very same page.

      So you must click some continue control to satisfy this website.

      This control is on the very end of the page, many page downs from the top.

      Which does not take you to any useful place, but yet another registration-process-itself-place for you do to incredibly non-important things like reviewing your profile or linking (?) with people.

      The user has come to community.jboss.org because he wants to ask a question in the forums or answer a question he stumbled about and knows the answer.

      He doesn't care about the impressively featured content management system of community.jboss.org.

      If he ends up becoming a regular visitor of community.jboss.org then and only then he will perhaps make use of these features.


      If I were actually at work, and not on sick leave at home, I would have given up on community.jboss.org on line 5 above and would have asked my question on StackOverflow instead.

      I'm sure the developers of the content management system of this site love it and are proud of it.

      But, really, it is excessivelly self-indulgent.

      Please, content management system, get out of my way.

      You don't need to know my name.

      In the year 2013, you don't event need to know my password. Ask OpenID instead.


      This very page, this "start a new discussion" page, is like that.

      This is my first post on this forum.

      I have a large monitor, large enough.

      I see a lot of features -- emoticons, attach files, rich text editor.

      But where is the "submit" button!?

      Below the visible area.