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    Question about accessing database from different apps.

    Zokor Newbie

      Hi everybody,
      I have a question about using EJBs.
      I have an Oracle database that is accessed from two different applications: software installed on local machines, and a web page. Now I'm developing the web page, and thinking about using EJBs to access to the database. My doubt is what happens when a setXXX() method is executed in a CMP Bean from the web page, and a little time later, the software installed on the local machine executes a select statement on the same data of the table.
      I think that JBoss doesn't update the data in DB immediately when the setXXX method is called, and JBoss does not have any method to know when an external select statement is executed. So, in this case the software would read wrong data, isn't it?

      Is this correct?
      Thank you!