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    Can't Use CDI In My View Class

    Charles Odili Apprentice

      Got a view class (SchoolManager) that does not extend or implement anything (just a plain class), but is composed of UI component classes. I noticed that I can't annotate it with @Singleton, because I get "the dreaded" IOC Bootstraper deferred binding error (that I've always complained about in this forum) when I do. However, this error does not show up at build / compile time, but when I try to see changes in Dev mode.


      Secondly, I get another error when I attempt to inject a Caller<T> object in the same class. Simply placing @Inject Caller<SchoolService> into the class causes errors.

      I want my view classes to be singletons and I need to invoke remote methods to create a new School, as well as fetch the ones existing. Am I missing somthing.