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    Doubt about Providers Listener and Service Listeners

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      I have a doubt when creating esb projects, i have noticed that both kind of listeners has the same options in "filter" for example when i use a File System Provider it has the same filter options in the Provider Listener and in the Service listener like "Directory", "Input Suffix", "Post Suffix" etc.


      Why is this needed ?? an example ??




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          Magesh Bojan Master

          I have copied the contents from a Quickstarts readme file here

            * directory - the directory to be monitored for input file messages
            * input-suffix - the file extension to be monitored, other files will be
            * work-suffix - the file extension that is used while the file is "in process"
              by the ESB.  The file is considered to be "in process" while the gateway is
              passing it into the ESB listener/service (in this case JMS queue).
            * post-delete - "true" or "false". The file can be removed once has been
              successfully processed.
            * post-directory - The place where the "processed" file ends up assuming no
              errors and assuming post-delete="false"
            * post-suffix - The file extension that is used to mark the file as
            * error-delete - "true" or "false". If there is an internal error and the file
              fails to be loaded by the ESB, delete it.
            * error-directory - The place to drop any file that fails to be
            * error-suffix - The file extension that is used to mark a file has had an
              internal error.


          You can have a look at the helloworld_file_action Qucikstart to further understand their usage.