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    JDBC based cache loaders rowlock guaranty ?

    hasan serdar Newbie



      Does infinispan guaranty that JDBC based cache loader(i.e JdbcStringBasedCacheStore) makes the Relatinal Database Management System(RDMS) use a rowlock update duiring the transactions ? I know that there is no way to force the relational database to chose a rowlock or page-lock in its transaction isolation. But there are some ways to guide the RDMS, for example indexing the pages and updating the rows by indexed where clause or reading the results by a READ_COMMIT isolation level etc.. 


      I assume that infinispan choses the proper JDBC connection isolation levels and create the pages in proper way while updating the database so the relational database (i.e MySQL or MSSQL) uses ROWLOCK updates so concurrent updates for different keys dont lock eack other ? am I right ?