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    Help of EJB-QL

    ravidwivedi Newbie

      Hi All
      Please not that I am working on porting one application from weblogic server to Jboss.
      in weblogic I am having one EJB QL as:
      <![CDATA[SELECT OBJECT(o) FROM ResourceFileEJB AS o WHERE o.domainDataId = ?1 AND o.versionNo = (SELECT MAX(o1.versionNo) FROM ResourceFileEJB AS o1 WHERE o1.domainDataId =?1)]]>

      in the above query I am getting ResourceFileEJB Local object which is having maximum version no for a particular domain.

      Please see in the EJB QL I am using WLS specific function MAX to get maximum version no but this is not working on Jboss.
      Please tell me what can be the equivalent query in case of Jboss because I donot want to change my application code for porting ie I want to change only server specific deployment descriptors.

      with best regards