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    help: file download hangs with httpd/mod_jk fronting jboss7

    robert walker Newbie

      hi all, I have apache httpd in front of my jboss 7.1.1. my jee webapp seems to be working great through httpd/mod_jk/jboss7 except when

      i try to download a > ~500K excel document  (xml transformed via xslt). small transformations/downloads work fine.


      traffic goes through apache httpd and jboss 7.1.1 is configured to use mod_jk/ajp13

      It all seems to be working great, except when i hit the size of any given reports grows, then

      the time to download the data is unbearable. so as the size of the file returned

      through apache/mod_jk/ajp13 grows, the time it takes to get the response in the browser becomes




      if I hit jboss directly, using port in URL, bypassing httpd/mod_jk,

      I can download my excel document via a xslt transformation, any size, they all work


      so opening a URL like this in browser http://myhostname.com:8080/myWebApp/TestServlet

      pops the Open/Save dialog and I can see the excel document


      if I hit this URL (which goes through httpd/mod_jk/ajp13) http://myhostname.com/myWebApp/TestServlet

      the browser hangs only on large downloads, it never display the Open/Save Dialog, If i kill apache on the backend, then i

      get the open/save dialog popping with no content in my excel doc.


      if I put mod_jk in debug mode and see the transformed file being dumped to the console, on excel files returned

      where size > 500Kish, the dumping of the contents goes on forever, unless i kill apache httpd.

      it may return if given enough time, by is not usable.


      All other files (including small excel docs) are served up no problem through httpd/mod_jk/ajp to jboss


      does anyone have  jboss7/ajp13 connector experience that might give me a place to start looking?



      I attached a simple TestServlet that opens xml, transforms it and sends it back to client, this

      breaks with mod_jk/ajp13/jobss7.1.1