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    How to persist data into mysql database from Jboss Data Grid?

    Vaibhav Diwate Newbie

      Hi All,

               In my application i m using client server architecture with hotrod protocol for communication between java client and Jboss data grid 6.1.0 beta cluster in distribution(partiion) mode. From client i m putting  records into cache(Jboss Data Grid), now i want to persist this records  to MySql Databsse.



      Can Anybody help me out with following .....

                 1) Configuring the datasource (with the location of sample-ds.xml file) on JBoss data grid.

                 2) Any perticular format for sample-ds.xml file. (if possible post sample-ds.xml file as well).

                 3) Any other configuration of datasource (reference from other configuration files).

                 4) Configuration for Mapping between Database tables and Cache records.



                We want to achieve Write Behind, Write Through and Read Through operations in Jboss Data Grid.