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    Distributed transaction between JBoss and Weblogic

    Nicolas Tanghe Newbie



      I have an EJB deployed on a JBoss AS 7.1 Server (with XA datasource).

      I have an EJB deployed on a Weblogic Server (with XA datasource).


      My first EJB (so on Jboss) calls the other EJB (with lookup on his remote interface).


      Is it possible to have a distributed transaction between these servers and how ?


      I read the quickstart : jts: Java Transaction Service - Distributed EJB Transactions Across Multiple Containers.

      This tutorials uses some corba stuff and need to extend EJBHome/EJBObject.

      I'm not very familiar with this and It's not possible for me. I can not change the code for the EJB deployed on weblogic.


      Is it mandatory to use these EJBHome/EJBObject ?

      An easy way ?


      Thanks for your help !