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    Static HA for client and servers in different VLANs

    Mike Person Newbie

      I'm trying to configure static HA (live-master) cluster to which I'm connecting with "manually configured" (no JNDI) jms client.

      The problem is that the client is in other VLAN than the servers.

      Let say that internally the servers have addresses SERV1_INT and SERV2_INT but from outside their VLAN they are accessible via addresses SERV1_OUT and SERV2_OUT.


      When the client connects for the first time to the live server it receives information about the topology of the cluster.

      But it receives information that the servers are accesible at addresses SERV1_INT and SERV2_INT - and this is not true from outside the VLAN.


      As I see it I have two options how to solve this:


      1.) In cluster configuration in hornetq-configuration.xml I will use SERV1_OUT and SERV2_OUT addresses instead of SERV1_INT and SERV2_INT.

      This whould slightly increase the latency.


      2.) I will use addresses SERV1_OUT, SERV2_OUT in the hornetq-configuration.xml.

      And in "hosts" files on both servers I will define that SERV*_OUT should be translated to local IP address.


      Is there any more elegant solution?