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    Merging archetypes back to develop


      I have found that some of the archetypes release branches started to diverge:


      develop: https://github.com/richfaces/archetypes/commits/develop

      4.2.2.Final-2: https://github.com/richfaces/archetypes/commits/release/4.2.2.Final-2

      4.2.3.Final-2: https://github.com/richfaces/archetypes/commits/release/4.2.3.Final-2


      We should make sure that develop contains all those patches.

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          After an inspection with gitk, it looks to me like those branches have been merged.  I'd say the server-side branches simply need to be removed.


          It does however look like the 4.3.0.CR1 branch was not merged into develop, and the 4.3.1.CR1 and 4.3.1.Final branches were not merged to master.


          If you agree that:

          1. the 4.2 branches can be safely deleted
          2. branches from the 4.3 tags need to be merged to master


          Then I will go ahead and clean that up.

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            I can see the 4.3.1.CR1 and 4.3.1.Final release commits merged:




            They are just merged with fast forward strategy.

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              Yes, the 4.3 tags are merged to develop, but not to master.

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                Sorry I was looking at the 4.2.3.Final-1 and 4.2.3.Final-2 branches, not the 4.2.2.Final-2 and 4.2.3.Final-2 branches.  What a mess of version names we've ended up with.


                I've merged all branches into develop as required, and deleted all obselete remote branches.  The only step left is the outstanding merges into master.


                I propose we instead drop the master branch for archetypes, and rename develop to master.  The history graph is just turning into a mess, and this suggested change would keep us consistent throught the archetype repository, while simplifying things moving forward.