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    .ser FILES

    Alexandru Popescu Newbie

      I have the following problem: after an exception, when trying to access again the AS there is an exception thrown about loosing a ".ser" file.
      Do you know how to remove this ?

      There are always solutions !

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          Mark St.Godard Newbie

          Are you referring to a Stateful Session Bean that says it
          cant find the serialized session?

          If so, then the original exception thrown in your application must have been an unrecoverable System Exception. Stateful session beans throw away the session if they encounter a System Exception. This is not the case for an Application Exception.

          If you are not referring to a SFSB, then disregard the above comment :)


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            Alexandru Popescu Newbie

            It is a SystemException. The client is thrown out of the application. But when he tries to connect back it got firstly another exception, about this loosing of ser file.
            I think that this second exception must be bypassed...
            What do you think ?

            There are only solutions!

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              Stephen Coy Novice

              This happens when you attempt to reuse a SFSB that has previously thrown a system exception.

              Once a SFSB has thrown a system exception, it is completely dead. You must create a new one.


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                Alex Shneyderman Newbie

                Check your code carefully make sure that there is no NullPointerExceptions or any kind of other system exceptions.

                I had the same problem. It was caused by NPE.