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    How to do session replication in clustered JBOSS environment?

    Uday Sankar Newbie



      I have created jboss cluster in two different nodes.  But now the problem is I am not able to do session replication in the clustered environment. I searched but I was not able to get a correct solution


      I tired this solution :


      e added "<distributable/>" to web.xml and added to jboss-web.xml:


      1   <replication-config>

      2        <replication-trigger>SET</replication-trigger>

      3        <replication-granularity>SESSION</replication-granularity>

      4    </replication-config>



      but i was not able to session replication.


      Can any one please provide me proper steps to do session replication in JBOSS clustered environment. If any body provide me a solution it will be very very help ful.