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    Message Redelivery

    Vikram Vis Newbie

      I am trying to get the redelivery feature working. I am currently using 2.3.0.CR1 and in stand-alone/non-clustered mode.


      I have setup Hornetq-configuration.xml as



      <address-setting match="jms.queue.AC_NOTIFICATION_Q_1">






      Setup :

      sessionFactory.createSession(true, false);

      consumer = session.createConsumer(new SimpleString(qname));




      Handler :

      public void onMessage(final ClientMessage message) {

              HornetQBuffer readBytes = message.getBodyBuffer();

              byte[] data = new byte[message.getBodySize()];


              try {

                     if ( false )


              } catch (Exception e) {

                  logger.error("Unexcepted Exception while consuming message : " + e.getMessage());




      I want to use sessions client acknowledge and message.individualAcknowledge().


      I get the message only once and since I don't acknowledge the message I should have it redelivered again in 3 seconds as per the configuration in hornetq-configuration.xml.


      I tried this using JMS API too and still redelivery does not happen. Using Jms API I create session using


      connection.createSession(false, Session.CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE);

      This not work either.



      BTW, does redelivery work only with transacted sessions?


      Thanks for your help.