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    Eviction of security cache in domain mode or cluster mode

    Lukasz Szymik Newbie



      I have application with very dynamic user management. There is quite often new user created, the set of roles is changed quite often too. Due to this there is need to make security cache eviction with JMX - MBean server and  invokation of: jboss.as:subsystem=security,security-domain=login flushCache or flush-cache. This is called as user entity interceptor and is working pretty fine in standalone mode.


      I would like to make the same cache eviction in JBoss domain mode and futher in JBoss domain with HA profile, however there is always expection: javax.management.InstanceNotFoundException: JBAS011342: No operation called 'flush-cache'

      I have tried several things and found a lot post about JBoss security cache flushing but this was always related to standalone mode.


      Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Does anyone have any experience with such use cases in JBoss domain or cluster? I mean how to evict user from cache after changing set of roles on all cluster nodes.


      Thank you in advanve for any help.