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    How to access parts of an aggregated message?

    Derek Croxton Newbie

      We're using a StreamingAggregator to put several messages together, but after they're recombined, we need to extract each original body and recombine them in a different way.  It looks like the StreamingAggregator combines the message bodies in a Mapor something similar, because the results of message.getBody().get() show something like:  {0=xxx,1=yyy}.


      Unfortunately, I am unable to retrieve the body as an object where I could easily get the separate messages out.  Message.getBody() is a BodyImpl object and can't be case to a MapBody or ObjectBody.  Message.getBody().get() returns a string and can't be cast to anything else easily, as far as I can tell.


      I hope there is some way to retrieve the original message bodies.  I can't just split the string on the comma because there are embedded commas in the data.  Any suggestions?


      (Originally posted in beginner's corner, it really belongs in the ESB forum.)