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    SwitchYard 0.7 BPEL howto

    Stefano Massera Newbie



      I'm really new to the SwitchYard world and i'm trying to implement from scratch a simple hello world example with BPEL technology.

      Unfortunately I'm experiencing a lot of problems, for example after i create the project and the BPEL component (with automatically created WSDL interface using the bundled wizard) i add a simple "Assign" task and then the switchyard.xml results invalid for invalid value of WSDL (but i didn't changed it)

      i'll attach some screens just to be more specific.


      So i'm asking myself if there is a tutorial to learn how to use the Eclipse SwitchYard plugin specific for a BPEL flows


      Sorry for this very noob question




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          Keith Babo Master

          Hey Stefano,


          Welcome to the community.  The validation error you are seeing is actually just a bit of Eclipse weirdness and can be remedied by following the second note on the Tooling Install guide to disable "Honour all XML schema locations":



          Next question I have is if you have a specific reason to start with BPEL?  If your aim is to get familiar with the project with a minimal amount of fuss, you might find Java and Camel to be easier at first.  Of course, if you are experienced with BPEL and have decided to start there, that's cool too.  I mention this only because BPEL has a fair number of moving parts, so the level of complexity necessarily goes up compared to something easy like Camel. :-)


          Assuming we are still on the BPEL train at this point, then I would point out that Rob has done quite a bit of work in our 0.8 release to make the BPEL tooling easier to use.  You can find a lengthy discussion on it here:



          Please throw in your thoughts on that thread if you have additional suggestions.  The final tooling for 0.8 will be ready in about a week, but you can grab a nightly build of the tooling and the runtime for 0.8 if you want to go that route.

          Lastly, there is not a new BPEL how-to specifically for SY at this point, although I think that would be useful.  I'm in the process of overhauling our documentation for 0.8 and will try to include as much info as I can to help new users get started.  If you are using 0.7, I would use the BPEL quickstarts as a learning tool and maybe as a template for new processes.  You can find the quickstarts in the distribution and here as well:





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            Rob Cernich Master

            Hey Stefano,


            Unfortunately, this is a common error that results from the XML validation.  Please update your preferences to not "Honour all schema locations" in XML validation preferences.  More details can be found here:  https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/SWITCHYARD/Installing+Eclipse+Tooling


            Hope that helps,


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              Stefano Massera Newbie

              thanks to all for your quick reply!


              i've unmarked the XML setting and now no more errors thanks



              I'm pretty experienced on BPEL technology , i've developer on Oracle SOA platform for about 4 years , i want to experience on BPEL because i've a project for my company where this technology may be the right key

              Thanks for your suggestions, i'll study your links and keep you updated, and maybe i'll ask again for your help