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    domain specific nodes not showing up in designer

    Joshua Miller Newbie

      Hi, I am having an issue creating domain specific nodes in guvnor and having them not show up in the designer view.  After creating the Workitem definition in guvnor and verifying that it is stored in guvnor I attempt to edit a process which is in the same package as the new workitem definition.  According to many tutorials online the workitem definition should show up in the service item menu of designer as long as I am working in the same package which contains the workitem definition.  It doesn't show up.  We are running the jbpm installer package on a remote server (so requests aren't to localhost).  My hunch is that designer has the wrong hostname for guvnor and when it tries to query guvnor for assets in that package it cannot find any.  (Again this is just what Im guessing).  I cant find where this would be configured but I do remember having to replace a localhost reference with our server ip to get processes to save into guvnor correctly.  Where can I double check that both designer and guvnor have the correct reference to eachother.  Also what are some other reasons that this might happen.  And if anyone could explain how designer goes about discovering the workitems in a package when a process is loaded in to be edited that would be much appreciated.