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    MethodExpression attribute evaluated to null

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      I'm writing component for chart plotting using CDK. The component has an attribute dataclickListner which is methodexpression pointing to method. It should be invoked in broadcast method when DataClickEvent occurs. However this attribute is evaluated to null. 


      i followed this tutorial - part of events.


      Snippet from AbstractChart.java


      @JsfComponent( type = "sk.lukasmacko.richfaces.chart.component.Chart",  family = "sk.lukasmacko.Chart",  renderer =  @JsfRenderer(type = "sk.lukasmacko.chartRenderer"),

        tag =  @Tag(name = "chart"),   fires = {@Event(value = DataClickEvent.class, listener = DataClickListener.class)}


      abstract public class AbstractChart extends javax.faces.component.UIComponentBase {





          @Attribute(signature =

          @Signature(parameters = DataClickEvent.class))

          public abstract MethodExpression getDataClickListener();



          public void broadcast(FacesEvent event) throws AbortProcessingException {

              if (event instanceof DataClickEvent) {

                  FacesContext facesContext = getFacesContext();

                  MethodExpression expression = getDataClickListener();

                  if (expression != null) {

                      expression.invoke(facesContext.getELContext(), new Object[]{event});












      Usage of component

      {code:xml}<lm:chart dataClickListener="#{myBean.dataclick}" ...>...{code:xml}




      dataclick is method in managedbean


      public void dataclick(DataClickEvent event){

              setMsg("An event occured! ");



      component sources   and example of usage


      any help appreciated thanks!