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    CamelMessageComposerFactory not found

    Anton Hughes Master



      I have upgraded my SY service to 0.7, and now am getting the following error when I try to deploy - any idea what this might be, or what I can do to fix this?



      Caused by: java.util.ServiceConfigurationError: org.switchyard.component.common.composer.MessageComposerFactory: Provider org.switchyard.component.camel.common.composer.CamelMessageComposerFactory not found

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          Keith Babo Master

          One thing we did in 0.7 was to modularize the Camel component so that each gateway was it's own Maven module.  This way you don't get all of Camel pulled into your dependency chain if you only need a subset.  I suspect that your pom.xml may need to be updated to reflect that.  Here's an example of importing a specific camel gateway dependency:




          Note the dependency on switchyard-component-camel which corresponds to the Camel routing implementation used for a Camel service.  There is also a dependency on switchyard-component-camel-file which is used for the Camel file binding.


          Other things to check would be to make sure you are using version 0.7.0.Final and that you are deploying to a 0.7.0.Final runtime and not a 0.6 runtime.

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