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    Loging SQL-statements

    Christofer Dutz Newbie


      I am working on a small application using Entity-Beans using CMP and CMR and am having some strange problems. I filled the database with test data, but my entity beans say "there's nothing in the DB" and produce no errors. I would like to have a look at what the beans are dooing on the database, so I would like to have a log which contains the executed SQL statements.

      How can I do this ?

      Thanx in advance,
      Christofer Dutz

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          Christofer Dutz Newbie

          I found out why I had these empty-table-problems. I told JBoss about my table- and field-mapping.

          JBoss seems to ignore my jaws.xml files. I added the default <create-table>false</create-table>, but JBoss keeps on creating them again and again :(

          I put the files in /META-INF/jaws.xml in every JAR-file which contains an entity bean and bundles everything in one EAR-file. As far as I understand the whole thing, this should be the place to put them.