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    JBoss ignoring my jaws.xml files

    Christofer Dutz Newbie


      I am reposting this request, because I think the old topic doesn't fit anymore.

      I am working on a small application with several entity beans. For each bean I configured the table- and field-mapping in the appropreate META-INF/jaws.xml file.

      When deploying I get several "Table allready exists warnings" which indicates that <create-table> is set to true. I set it globaly to false in the standardjaws.xml an d additionaly in each of my jaws.xml. After some time of working on this problem and trying several variations in my configuration it seems that JBoss is simply ignoring all my jaws.xml files.

      As I said I placed the jaws.xml files in the META-INF directory of each jar file which contains entity beans.

      Has anyone out there got an idea, why JBoss is dooing this to me? :(

      Thanx in advance,
      Christofer Dutz