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    rich:datatable header css style problem .rf-dt-thd class?

    cm.tcomp Newbie

      Hi. Using richfaces 4.0, jsf2 on netbeans. Trying to style header, discovered following code being generated




      <table id="j_idt11:table0" class="rf-dt">

           <colgroup span="1"></colgroup>
           <thead id="j_idt11:table0:th" class="rf-dt-thd">
                <tr id="j_idt11:table0:ch" class="rf-dt-shdr">
                     <th id="j_idt11:table0:j_idt14" class="rf-dt-shdr-c" scope="col">first</th>




           <tbody id="j_idt11:table0:tb" class="rf-dt-b">



           <tbody id="j_idt11:table0:sc">







      The style class .rf-dt-thd isn't defined in the rf4.0 component ref style classes for rich:datatable, nor is any such definition in datatable.ecss.

      There is a .rf-dt-th defined in there though.


      Perhaps this should be class="rf-dt-hdr" ?