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    changing jca rar configuration runtime, rar is deployed as part of an ear




      I have custom RAR that implments outbound connections to a legacy EIS system and the RAR is deployed as part of an EAR. The rar works fine but there is no way i could change ironjacamar config-property values run time. I don't see any rar being deployed on the jboss console (http://localhost:9990/console/) nor in the ear. If I need to change a configuration the only way i could do is redeploy the rar.. which is not acceptable for production deployment. I didn't try deploying the rar externally and we don't want to do that (due to time constraints) unless there is a significant performance with that approach.


      Is there a way i can change rar configuration runtime? I hardly get any information from jboss 7.1.1 console, in previously release at least I used to use JMX console but that's not there anywhere...at least i am not finding documenation for that..


      Any help appreciated.