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    ChemwWriter and Seam Portlet integration in Gatein

    Muhammad Firdaus Newbie

      Helo all,


      I am developing a portlet for drug discoveries and using Seam 2.3.0.Final,JSF 2,Richfaces,and ChemWriter 2.15.2.


      For the infromation,ChemWriter is new system for displaying and editing chemical structures using standard web technologies: HTML; CSS; and JavaScript.


      The problem I am facing now is the chemwriter view page cannot be loaded after the project deployed in the server.The page is just came as empty blank screen.


      I checked through the Developer Tools in Chrome browser and I got these error messages.I am attaching te screenshots of the error message from Developer tools.


      I hope aomeone will guide me to solve the problem.


      Thanks in advance.