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    a4j:commandButton button text not rendered until mouse over (IE 9 and 10)

    Brett Williamson Newbie


      I have an issue on IE9 and IE10 (does NOT occur on firefox and chrome) where the text of a4j:commandButtons in a rich:popupPanel is not rendered after showing the popup until a mouse over on the button occurs.  I've found it very hard to pinpoint the conditions when this will occur but I can say the following:


      -> If I remove the CONTENT from <f:facet name="header"></f:facet> the problem disappears.

      -> If I INCLUDE a rich:extendedDataTable in the popup the problem disappears (and I can put whatever I want in the <f:facet name="header"></f:facet> tags).

      I am using RichFaces 4.3.0, Apache MyFaces 2.1.10 running on a tomcat 6 server.


      This problem is driving me crazy, any help is appreciated.


      Screenshot of the problem (a mouse over shows the text):


      ScreenHunter_01 Mar. 18 14.40.jpg


      After a mouse over:


      ScreenHunter_02 Mar. 18 14.41.jpg


      The page source of my dialogue (cut down to it's most simplistic with the render issue occurring):


      <rich:popupPanel modal="true" id="${id}" resizeable="false"
        moveable="true" show="false" height="250" width="300">
        <f:facet name="header">
         <h:panelGroup id="${id}pg21">
          <h:panelGroup id="${id}pg22" style="text-align : left">
           <h:graphicImage id="${id}gi24"
            value="#{initParam.farmconnectImagesDir}/edit-contact-details-16.png" />
           <h:outputText id="${id}ot26" value="${messages.setPoint}" />
        <h:form id="${id}dialogueForm">
         <a4j:commandButton id="submitCommandButton"
               value="Submit" >




      Thanks for any feedback.