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    No of entries in the cache are not equal to the no of puts into the cache

    Ankit Agarwal Newbie



      I am using infinispan 5.1.5 version with a distributed  cache configuration.


      When the number of records are less than 1 million its all fine,no of puts are equal to the no of entries in the cache.But after it exceeds beyond 1 million records no of puts are almost double of no of entries in the cache.


      Using the following configuration:-


        <namedCache name="viewItemCache">

                    <clustering mode="distribution">

                        <async />

                        <hash numOwners="2" numVirtualNodes="3" rehashEnabled="true" />


                    <eviction strategy="NONE" maxEntries="0" />

                    <!-- 24 hours expiration time -->

                    <expiration lifespan="86400000" maxIdle="86400000"

                           wakeUpInterval="60000" reaperEnabled="true" />



      HotRod client is used.


      Couldn't figure out what exactly is happening.