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    Lucene in Master / Slave Mode - Slave writes to index too

    Grigor Tonkov Newbie

      Hello Sane,

      we use HSearch with Lucene in the Master/Slave configuration as described here (not JMS but using JGroups).




      We have the following configuration: (finaly found one mix working properly :-( )





          <infinispan-version>4.2.0.FINAL</infinispan-version><!-- WARNING: only 4.2.0.FINAl has the locks properly implemented , but not 4.2.1  -->



          <!-- for drools 4.0.7 -->




      My questions are:


      1. Is it possible to configre the lucene indexing in way so that the Slave is writing to its index (or additional index) so that the slave has its updates without waitng the master to send update via JMS or JGroups.

      2. What could be the problem using NFS as sharing mechanism for the master? Is it possible locking ? Will it be a problem with the master shared index is down and not available ?


      Thank you in advance!