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    null pointer exception

    Ganesh Neelekani Newbie

      Hi All,



      I have one doubt in handling exception



      Please follow the code



      private static void loadProdpriceAttrs(StatefulKnowledgeSession workingMemory, long id)


              List<ProdpriceAttribute> prodpriceAttrList = em.createQuery("FROM ProdpriceAttribute prodpriceAttribute WHERE prodpriceAttribute.productpriceid = " + id +"order by attributevalue  desc").getResultList();

              for(ProdpriceAttribute prodpriceAttribute: prodpriceAttrList)


                  System.out.println("prodpriceAttribute Id "+prodpriceAttribute.getId());







      I am getting null pointer exception while fetching data.....


      I need to ignore the exception and need to fetch the remaining data..


      Can any one help me to write exception handling code ,





      Ganesh Neelekani

      Team Agile