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    UserGroupCallbackManager: Not returning callback

    houston4j Newbie



      I'm unable to retrieve an instance of the UserGroupCallback using the UserGroupCallbackManager.


      From my understanding this should work by setting the jbpm.usergroup.callback property:


      System.setProperty("jbpm.usergroup.callback", "org.jbpm.task.identity.LDAPUserGroupCallbackImpl")


      and calling:




      I get a null when the getCallback() method is executed. UserGroupCallbackManager.getInstance().existsCallback() returns false.


      Is additional configuration needed to get the LDAPUserGroupCallbackImpl registered?

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          joploya Newbie



          At the creation of the knowledge session I use this code to register my usergroupcallback :

          // By Setting the jbpm.usergroup.callback property with the call

                  // back class full name, task service will use this to validate the

                  // user/group exists and its permissions are ok.

                        InputStream usergroupsin = KnowledgeSessionProducer.class.getResourceAsStream(  "/jbpm.usergroup.callback.properties" );

                        if(usergroupsin != null) {

                                  Properties callbackproperties = new Properties();

                                  try {



                                            log.debug("Task service registered usergroup callback ...");

                                  } catch (Exception e) {

                                            log.debug("Task service unable to register usergroup callback ...");





                                  System.out.println("userGroupCallBack exists ! :)");


                                  System.out.println("userGroupCallBack don't exist ! :(");





          and I create a file name : jbpm.usergroup.callback.properties in src/main/resources

          that contain this line :



          This is the associated log :

          17:06:45,137 DEBUG [com.st.ams.jbpm.knowledge.KnowledgeSessionProducer] (http-- init of KnowledgeSessionProducer ...

          17:06:45,152 DEBUG [com.st.ams.task.management.AMSUserGroupCallbackImpl] (http-- Starting AMSUserGroupCallbackImpl ...

          17:06:45,153 INFO  [org.jbpm.task.identity.UserGroupCallbackManager] (http-- UserGroupCallback registered from properties file: com.st.ams.task.management.AMSUserGroupCallbackImpl

          17:06:45,154 DEBUG [com.st.ams.jbpm.knowledge.KnowledgeSessionProducer] (http-- Task service registered usergroup callback ...

          17:06:45,155 INFO  [stdout] (http-- userGroupCallBack exists !


          I hope it will help you.