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    GSoC Org Application

    Dan Allen Master

      Google is now encouraging OSS projects to apply as participating organizations in GSoC this year. Given that we are working hard to be seen as a top-level, independent project, I think this is a great opportunity to solidify that message.


      I've started a wiki page where we can collaborate on the responses to the questions in the org application. I've volunteered to serve the role of org administrator and Sarah volunteered to be the backup administrator. However, if any of you want to be either of those two roles, we'd be more than happy to give you the opportunity to do so.




      If you can provide input on even just one question, that moves us forward...and helps us create a unified voice rather than whatever crazy stories come to my mind.


      We'll also need to fill out the ideas page. I'd like to transfer over any ideas that are still valid from the ideas page on the JBoss wiki to the Arquillian wiki. Organizing the ideas also helps w/ hackfests, so it's just good to have.


      The application window just opened today and the deadline is Mar 29th.


      Just so it's clear, I'm suggesting that we will not be applying as part of JBoss this year.