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    Negotiation Fallback

    Jonathan Durant Newbie



      I need some help to set up a fallback to authenticate with Active Directory using a login/password form.

      I explain the goal :

      My web application has two sorts of users :

      • Domain users
      • Non Domain users

      Domain users are authenticated using Negotition/SPNEGO. Non Domain users have their own user in Active Directory, and I want to authenticate them using a login/password form.


      My two questions are :


      1 - How to specify which security-domain or login-module will be called as fallback (by default, it looks like the form-login-page from the web.xml is called and calls j_security_check)


      2 - To authenticate with Active Directory, is it possible to use the Kerberos login-module (host security_domain) (and how ?) or have I to write a new security_domain with a LdapExtLoginModule login-module ?



      I'm sorry if my questions seems confuse, but I'm a very fresh [french] JBoss developper.


      Thank you