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    How to best see how Camel is being configured?

    Rick Wagner Newbie



      First, thanks for all the cool work on Switchyard.  Cool stuff!


      I'd like to ask about the easiest way to get visibility into how Camel is being configured.  As an example, let's say I'm using a File gateway and I want to play with the arguments I can pass to Camel.  (RegularEx pattern, lock, noop, etc.)  How can the user best understand how Camel is being configured via Switchyard?


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      P.S.  It seems a natural tendency is going to be to work with Camel in it's un-wrapped state to perfect component arguments like this, then try to duplicate this in SY.  If the Camel configs are visible enough from Switchyard, perhaps all the work could be done without the raw Camel version.