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    jBPM process and instance management Android Client

    samo42 Newbie

      Hi all!
      It was a long (very long) and difficult (I had to learn everything from beginning) journey but finally, I did it!


      My first android application is alive!


      And now it's your turn to test it and recommend what to improve (not just technical but also language mistakes!).

      I tried this app on 4 different emulators (tablet, big screen smartphone, 2 small screen smartphones) and with com.sample.evaluation. But I need real devices and real users.

      So if this app do something wrong, please tell me what were you doing (refreshing, starting instance, by which process).


      Here are some things I want to add later:

      1. display rotation

      2. diagram zoom in and out.

      3. in list of instances show instance id as big text and process id as small (I forgot about it and I don't want to export and sign .apk again with just this change)

      4. optimize the s**t out of it.


      Here is the .apk file (and also in attachment)

      (OBSOLETE, you can build your own .apk archive from source code or write here and I'll do it)




      GitHub repo


      maven project



      eclipse android project



      screen 1: log in. first, you have to set up server (menu->set up server), then, you can log in.




      screen 2: list of processes (well, process in this case), with opened Menu. Clicking on one cause screen 3.




      screen 3: list of instances. You see them. (3.1). By longclicking them, you can do things to them (3.2). By clicking Meny you can start new (3.3). Clicking on one cause screen 4.




      screen 4: diagram. With green things by active nodes. Don't let the -/+ thing on the bottom distract you. It doesn't work.