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    group() breaks Warp

    Alexis Hassler Apprentice

      Hi everybody,


      I'm beginning with Warp. The first try was fine, but when adding a group in my test, the activity isn't performed.


      I'm testing a simple Servlet which returns a number, and here is my test class :




      public class OtherWarpTest {

          @Deployment(testable = true)

          public static Archive<?> deploy() {

              return ShrinkWrap.create(WebArchive.class).addClass(CountServlet.class);



          @Drone WebDriver browser;

          @ArquillianResource URL baseUrl;


          @Test @RunAsClient

          public void simple_test() {

              Warp.initiate(new Activity() {


                      public void perform() {





                              .inspect(new Inspection() {

                                  private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;





      The test should fail, but it doesn't.


      I have Warp 1.0.0.Alpha2, Drone 1.2.0.Alpha1 and Arquillian 1.0.3.Final.


      Is there anything wrong in my test, or should I put a specific configuration ? Or is it just a bug ?