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    richfaces 4.x and JSF 2.2, is there a timeline for compatiable release ?

    robert walker Newbie

      according to ed burns (http://http://weblogs.java.net/blog/edburns/archive/2013/03/15/jsf-22-proposed-final-draft-posted?force=539) it appears jsf 2.2

      is basically done. with that in mind, i found a few posts by stan silvert (https://community.jboss.org/thread/203257) how to get jboss 7 working with

      jsf 2.2. So i was really giddy to get our app working with these two technologies, but we also use richfaces 4.3 final as of now (really looking forward to 100% CDI and no more jsf managed beans)



      After the setup or jboss and install of our web app, I am getting errors and sometimes no error, just an ajax request that doesn't work


      is there a richfaces thread or place I can keep up with richfaces and jsf 2.2 compatiability, i saw onsies twosies post here and there

      in these forums but nothing dedicated to this topic



      any thoughts on possible timeline for a richfaces that works with jsf2.2?


      thanks all