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    Arquillian Drone and User extensions

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      I am switching from just using Arquillian where I was starting Selenium Server and the Selenium browser through code to using Arquillian Drone.  I am also using user-extensions and was wondering if there is a way to get the HttpCommandProcessor instance used by DefaultSelenium. I read through the documentation on http://arquillian.org/guides/functional_testing_using_drone/ and I am using the @Drone injection to inject the Selenium browser as below.


        DefaultSelenium selenium;


      I have created a helper method to execute some user extension JS functions but I don't know how I would get a reference to the HttpCommandProcessor from DefaultSelenium that is injected or if there is any other way to do this.  Could you advise?


                public static void waitForElementClickable(final HttpCommandProcessor processor, final String locator) {
                          final String[] locatorArg = { locator };
                          processor.doCommand("waitForElementClickable", locatorArg);




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          I found a workaround for this but it would be nice if a feature could be added to Arquillian Drone to expose the HttpCommandPRocessor associated with Selenium. For now, I am waiting for the grid to load using selenium.waitForCondition() as below:


                              final String script = "selenium.isGridDone(\"" + locator + "\")";

                              selenium.waitForCondition(script, timeout);



          Could you let me know if this is possible in a future version if there isn't a way to get the HttpCommandProcessor currently?