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    why are the operations on datacontainer done in EntryWrappingInterceptor?

    cyron Newbie

      This week I spent some time on the architectural of Infinispan.

      From the doc "Architectural Overview", it said:

      The actual logic of a given command, for example a ReplaceCommand, is encapsulated in the command's perform() method.


      I thought the operations on datacontainer are done is the command's perform() method.

      But when I saw the source, these stuffs are done in the interceptor, actually the EntryWrappingInterceptor´╝î

      and the perfom method hardly do nothing, except processing the return value.


      What I want to know is, is that the design to operating datacontainer in interceptor,

      or it's just from jboss cache because infinispan is not the virgin project.