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    JBoss 7 JMS Cluster hostname resolution

    Volker Raum Newbie

      Hi all together,

      i googled for a while and checked this forum but could not find an answer.

      I got the following issue:

      I set up a JBoss 7 cluster consisting of 2 nodes (a master and a slave) with the "domain configuration" (not standalone)

      I adapted the host.xml on both nodes to use the hosts external IP interface in the <interfaces> section. I also configured the slaves <domain-controller> to the mastershost ip address.

      So in general i only use IPs instead of hostnames.

      Both hosts see each other in the network via IP or via DNS hostnames. Fine so far.

      I configured a topic in the domain.xml (full-ha profile section). The topic can be seen in the admin console.

      Then i developed a little test application with a JMS producer and a JMS consumer.

      The idea is: I produce a message on any node and both nodes receive the message (the way it should be in a clustered environment).

      The problem is: It does not work

      After very long hours of investigation i stumbled upon /etc/hosts


      There are 2 fundamental entries:     localhost     myownhostname


      Our Linux admins said that the second line MUST be present so that myownhostname will be resolved to localhost.

      Exactly that is my problem

      If I specify the external IP instead of the clustering works as intended.


      So for some reason JBoss (HornetQ) uses the local hostname to do JMS although i only configured the JBoss with IP numbers.


      My problem is that the Linux guys insist in the /etc/hosts entry to resolve the hostname with

      Any ideas how i can get the JBoss to work with such an entry?


      I hope you understand my problem here.





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