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    Sybase support for CMP in JBoss?

    Conor Newbie

      After trawling through numerous websites, I cannot find out whether
      Sybase supports CMP in JBoss. Does anyone know? My intention is to
      define my schema witin xDoclet tags in the java code which then
      generates the tables within Sybase. It works fine for MySql, but I
      have still to test it for Sybase and would wish to find out has anyone
      else done this and if so, are there any caveats?
      Best regards,

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          t g Newbie

          I've used it and it works. One thing to think about though, is that when using JBoss, foreign keys must be NOT NULL. Therefore, legacy databases which have a composite key, and the foreign key is part of the composite key, have a problem.
          Also, I think Xdoclet is a great tool.

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            Henri Simoes Newbie

            I tested OK the CMP2 example from TemplatesAndExamples.zip using :
            - JBoss 3.0.4
            - Sybase ASE12.0.0.4 esd 1
            - Sybase JDBC driver JConnect 5.5

            For this, I had to make the following changes :
            - adapt sybase-service.xml for my conf
            - modify "desc" word in jbosscmp-jdbc.xml as it is a Sybase reserved word
            - modify my test dababase parameter : "Allow nulls by default" (if not, table creation fails)
            - modify ejb-jar.xml for query ejbSelectBoss, changing "underling" for a shorter word because Sybase complains about too long identifier

            And after that, YES, IT WORKS !!