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    Best mechanism for high-performance push to .net clients from JBoss

    Paul F Newbie

      We've got a system that will consist of a JEE server (JBoss) that needs to periodically push data to .Net Windows apps (thick clients).  Performance is critical - the data will be high-volume and need to be updated by the second.  All clients will be on the local LAN.



      Of course doing this at the socket level is the most natural solution.  But who wants to work at the socket level in 2013?



      JMS is out as, again, this is Windows.



      The clients will request data from the service via a RESTful interface, incidentally.  But that won't work for the push.



      If the clients were browsers we'd be doing Web Sockets so perhaps raw TCP is not a bad idea.  It's not like it would be difficult.  However, I would like to explore all possibilities, so suggestions are welcome.