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    Remote beans with dependencies

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      I'm trying to achieve the following:

      I'd like to have each bean of the Duke's Store Java EE Tutorial application as a seperate Remote Bean, which is clustered. This way I could have a server which has the AdministratorBean, UserBean and GroupsBean, while another server cluster of 3 JBoss AS servers could have the OrderBean, OrderStatusBean and OrderDetailBean.


      How I'm currently creating the project:

      I have extracted interfaces of all beans. These interfaces were put in a seperate project, which resulted in BeansInterfaces.jar.

      Every bean is then placed in a seperate Netbeans EJB project, which produces a .jar for each EJB.

      I then created a seperate application project for each bean, to have each ejb jar packaged in an ear. Each EAR contains the BeansInterfaces.jar.


      Every bean is annotated with @Remote, and every EJB is injected with, for example:

      Person user;
      @EJB(lookup = "java:global/UserBeanApp/UserBean/UserBean")


      You can see the structure visualised in the attachment.


      Now my question is: Is this possible? (I'm currently investigating if it would be beneficial to dynamically scale on a bean level instead of a application or module level for my thesis. I know the actual setup wouldn't be very interesting in real life)


      My current problem is the same as https://community.jboss.org/message/797833 :

      My injected bean isn't compatible. The solution should be to only have every jar only once. But because it should be possible to have every bean running on a seperate server, I should include the BeanInterfaces.jar in each EAR. Is there another solution?